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Master Environmental systems and Sustainability

The Master’s degree program Environmental Systems and Sustaibability – Monitoring, Modelling and Management” provides knowledge and skills needed for independent scientific research in the fields of „Monitoring, Modelling and Management of Environmental Systems” with a focus on aspects of the global changes and sustainability. 

In concrete terms, the program focuses on:

  • The functioning of natural systems (Geospheres, Pedospheres, Hydrospheres, Biospheres, Atmospheres)
  • Causes of global changes and their regional and global impact
  • Monitoring of global changes by recording water-, material-, mass-, and energy flows at land surfaces
  • The use and development of remote sensing techniques
  • The spatial and integrated modelling of natural systems
  • Programming and use of Geographic information systems
  • The scenario-based, integrated analysis of the regional impact of global change
  • The development of options for action for sustainable environmental management.


Overview Master’s degree program

Detailed information can be found here [in German].