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Master Geophysics

The Master's degree program Geophysics is a research oriented degree program that offers an in-depth exploration and individual specialization within Geophysics, as well as an innovative interconnection of various scientific disciplines. In addition, the degree program allows for an orientation in the field of modelling and simulation. The degree program is therefore aimed at BSc’s from the faculty of Geosciences, as well as students that have a Bachelor degree in other fields of natural sciences, or in the field of Mathematics and Engineering.

The degree program is organised in modules and internationally oriented, which means that the courses are given in English (as required). The program is divided into four semesters and students can choose from three in-depth studies: Geodynamics, Seismology and Paleo- and Geomagnetism. On graduation, the academic degree of Master of Science is obtained, which replaces the Master’s degree of the previous degree program Geophysics.

The master’s degree program Geophysics is provided since winter semester 2007/08 and is a joint degree program of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and the Technische Universität München within the framework of the Münchner GeoZentrums. Since a major part of the courses is provided by the Faculty of Geosciences of the LMU, the LMU is in charge of this degree program, which means that the registration procedures are managed by the LMU.

The registration requirements are divided into a technical part and a language part:

A requirement for registration is a bachelor degree or equivalent with an average note of 3,0 or better in a degree program of at least six semesters in Geosciences, Geophysics, Mineralogy, Geology, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering or related studies.
Since the program is internationally oriented, proven sufficient knowledge of English is also required.

Please note that upon registration at the students’ secretariat, a proof of fulfilment of the admission requirements (in accordance with the examination regulations) is to be handed over. This proof can be obtained from the examination committee Geophysics.

More information can be found here.